Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size gravesite can I purchase?
    See By-Law 16
  • Who can be buried in my gravesite?
    See By-Law 20
  • What adornments can I bring to be left at the grave?
    See By-Law 56
  • Can I choose any kind of monument I want?
    See By-Laws 27, 28, 32, 40
  • How large a monument can I have?
    See By-Laws 31, 33
  • What happens if my embellishment bushes die?
    See By-Law 43, 53
  • Can I sell my lot if I change my mind?
    See By-Law 15
  • Can someone be buried in winter?
    Yes, winter burial for caskets is possible, but not for urns. Burial fees are somewhat greater (see price list) based on the need for excavation costs and snow removal services as needed.
  • Can I plant my own flowers?
    No. All plantings are done by Elmwood employees. You can make your flower choices on the Spring Planting request card which is mailed out in the spring. This policy is in place to maintain the coordinated beauty of our grounds.
  • How can I be sure there will be flowers on the grave forever?
    Purchase an Embellishment at the time of burial.
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