What size gravesite can I purchase?

By-Law 16: The Trustees have the power to determine the sizes and prices of lots that vary according to location.

Who can be buried in my gravesite?

By-Law 20: The interment of one body and three (3) ashes or the interment of four (4) ashes only is permissible in one grave. Other interments require special authorization from the Board of Trustees. No interment of any body or ashes other than that of a human being will be permitted.

What adornments can I bring to be left at the grave?

By-Law 56: No artificial flowers or glass containers are permitted on the grounds of the Cemetery.

Can I choose any kind of monument I want?

By-Law 27: To prevent the excessive and unsightly crowding of monuments, not more than one monument will be allowed on a lot. One monument, occupying a space no larger than 14 inches wide by 32 inches long and having a maximum height of 36 inches is permitted on a ‘two-grave’ lot. A single lot must be marked with a flat marker.

By-Law 28: Mausoleums are acceptable, subject to the prior approval of the Board of Trustees. Pillows will not be allowed.

By-Law 32: Monuments and/or markers bearing representations of the deceased are prohibited.

By-Law 40: Monument work must be of stone of approved quality or of standard bronze. All inscriptions must be raised or sunken at least 3/16 of an inch from the general surface.


How large a monument can I have?

By-Law 31: Designs, plans and specifications for all markers and monuments must first be submitted to the Superintendent and approved by him before any work on the lot is begun.

By-Law 33: The Trustees reserve the right to refuse or prohibit the erection of any structures if for any reason they are objectionable whether as regards size, material or workmanship or if not true to specifications or not in compliance with the rules of the Corporation.

What happens if my embellishment bushes die?

By-Law 43: The Trustees may authorize the trimming or the moving of any trees, shrubs, bushes or plants from any lot in the Cemetery, whenever in their opinion such trees, shrubs, bushes or plants encroach on or obscure another lot, or detract from the value of the latter, or from the general appearance and beauty of the cemetery. All plantings must be done only by Cemetery staff.

By-Law 53: No plants shall be taken up or removed from the cemetery without permission.

Can I sell my lot if I change my mind?

By-Law 15: No mortgage or other encumbrance can be placed on lots. No sale, transfer of assignment of any lot or part of a lot shall be valid without the written consent of the Corporation, the price to be determined by the Corporation.

Can someone be buried in winter?

Yes, winter burial for caskets is possible, but not for urns. Burial fees are somewhat greater (see price list) based on the need for excavation costs and snow removal services as needed.

Can I plant my own flowers?

No. All plantings are done by Elmwood employees. You can make your flower choices on the Spring Planting request card which is mailed out in the spring. This policy is in place to maintain the coordinated beauty of our grounds.

How can I be sure there will be flowers on the grave forever?

Purchase an Embellishment at the time of burial.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us through our online form or by calling us at (819) 562-4555.